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Public School Support Programme (PSSP)

In order to serve the cause of education and to fulfill its obligations as envisaged under the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan i.e. Provision of free education the Government of the Punjab has initiated Public School Support Programme whereby Management of various Public Sector Schools has been transferred to NGOs private educational chains and individuals.

Under this project, 71 (34 Boys & 37 Girls) Primary Schools as of May 2021. These schools are located in districts of Lahore, Okara, Sahiwal and Multan.

  • Total no of schools are 71 (34 Boys & 37 Girls) as of May 2021.
  • Total no of teachers are 317 as of May 2021 compared with 248 in Jun 2017
  • Total no of enrolled students are 10,858 as of May 2021 compared with 8,990 in Jun 2017
  • All students were given free text books as of May 2021.
  • Out of 608 sudents, 592 students passed PEC exams of 2019 and hence overall result was 97%.
  • PSSP Schools are closed in district Lahore and Multan due to Covid-19 lockdown.
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