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Completed Project
Kushal Pakistan Program (KPP) for Physical infrastructure
PRSP was made a Partner by the GoPb in the implementation of this Program that was the most important local development initiative of its time.  As many as 509 projects were completed by the PRSP communities under this Program.  For the Rs. 80 million that the PRSP received from the GoPb, the local communities contributed Rs.24.534 million, i.e. 32%, compared to the stipulated 20%.
The Khushal Pakistan Programme (KPP) was launched by the Government of Pakistan for Poverty Alleviation. PRSP has been given the responsibility of implementation of the physical infrastructure schemes in eight of its operational districts. The identification and implementation of the schemes has already started, with active participation of the communities, since April 2001. A brief summary of the project is given below:
Name of the Project                         Khushal Pakistan Programme
Responsible Authorities
1. Sponsoring Govt. of Punjab, Planning & Development Department
2. Execution Punjab Rural Support Programme through its fostered Community Organizations (COs)
3. Operation Punjab Rural Support Programme
Commencement of the Project (Survey of infrastructure development Schemes): April 2000
Implementation Started April 2000
The project is funded through the Annual Development Programme (ADP), Punjab.
Funds Allocated Rs. 80 Millions
Grant to each PRSP Region Rs. 10 Millions
Community Share At least 20%
Government Contribution 80%
Responsibilities of the COs
1 Identification of the Scheme(s) .
2 Selection of Village Project Committee .
3 Financial and Administrative record of the project/schemes .
4 Active role from the start of planning to   completion of the project/scheme .
5 Operation and Maintenance of the project/scheme.
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