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Community Primary Schools (CPS)

The objective was to gather the out-of-school children and to provide early childhood education to the very young and to main stream these children - not to set up a parallel school system. The Department of Education, Govt. Of Punjab provided a development grant of Rs. 81.60 Million to PRSP for setting up 300 Community Primary Schools (Rs. 20 Million for 100 schools under Phase-I in 1999-2000 and Rs. 61.60 Million for another 200 Schools under Phase - II during 2003) in order to increase the access of rural population to primary education. PRSP contributed Rs. 8.40 Million as its share making the endowment amount to Rs 90 Million. As per MoU signed with Education Department, procedure for opening new CPS has been devised which is as under:

Opening a new CPS
  • There must be viable CO in the village
  • Genuine need of a school/significant number of out-of-school children
  • No govt. School in the area within the radius of 1 Km
  • There must be a signed demand resolution from the CO with signatures of all members
  • The CO will provide a full list of potential students by specifying the number of boys/girls
  • The number of students should not be less than 30

Village Education Committee (VEC)
  • VEC formation in a special CO meeting
  • Max. 08 & min. 05 members of VEC
  • Responsible for provisioning, facilitating, administrative and financial management of a CPS under the guidelines by PRSP
  • Fortnightly or at least monthly meeting
  • Separate Bank Account by VEC
  • School fee, profit and other funds be deposited in the account
  • Two nominees from VEC to operate Bank Account
  • Withdrawal of funds with passing a written resolution & maintaining its record

Selection of Teacher
  • Selection will be done by the VECs & verified by the PRSP
  • Preferably a female teacher
  • Local resident
  • Best available academic qualification
  • A teacher will be at least a matriculation but preference will be given to higher/additional qualification
  • Ability to teach grade-5 class
  • Contract for one year & one month notice in either case
155 CPS are working as of October 2022, which having 161 teachers of whom 153 are female. The total enrolment is 6,300 of which 3,179 are girl student.
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