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Completed Project

Prime Minister’s Special Initiative for the Livestock Sector - PMSIL (2007-2010)

This is a federally funded 5-year project that was launched in July 2007 to enhance livestock productivity and increase milk and meat output. It is being funded by the Federal Government through RSPN to be implemented through the regional offices and COs in 20 districts at a cost of Rs. 338 million. Due to lack of adequate livestock extension services, the rural community is not able to exploit the full potential in local breeds. A study conducted by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has revealed that public sector Livestock Departments in Pakistan are only covering 15-25% of the livestock population. In addition, inadequate and poor quality of feed and fodder, limited animal health coverage, widespread breeding of genetically inferior livestock, outdated and limited marketing facilities to poor producers and most important of all, lack of awareness and education are problems that continue to plague the livestock sector. Realizing the significance of a sound livestock sector to poverty alleviation the PMSIL was especially designed by the Ministry of Industries to enhance the provision of extension services offered by the Livestock and Dairy Department. The key objectives include enhancing the productivity of the livestock sector through provision of effective veterinary services, capacity building of livestock farmers through 59 DVMs posted in each of the SMT areas and creation of a cadre of 1,475 Community Livestock Extension Workers. Till June 2009, six District Livestock Offices (DLOs) and 59 clinics have been established to oversee district supervision and provision of veterinary services. A total of 639 Community Livestock Extension Workers (CLEWs) have been trained and are now assisting in the provision of primary livestock extension services. A total of 32,575 vaccinations have been administered and 14,131 animals have been treated under the supervision of the Veterinary Officers. The community has also benefited in terms of gaining access to cheaper livestock extension services through the CLEWs. While the Livestock and Dairy Department charge Rs. 5 for Hemorrhagic Septicaemia (HS) and Rs. 20 for Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) vaccinations, CLEWs charge Rs. 2 for HS vaccination and Rs. 9 for FMD vaccination. Realizing the importance of women’s role in livestock management, PRSP has also arranged for 631 Female Livestock Farmer Days (FLFD) under which 12,315 female participants successfully learnt about livestock management skills.

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