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Completed Project

Social Mobilization Project (SMP)/Muzaffargarh and Layyah Districts

The PPAF funded project titled Participatory Development through Social Mobilization was officially launched in 2008 and envisions the formation of COs, VOs and LSOs. Once organized, the COs are supposed to implement household level plans through their own savings with every probable support e.g. micro credit, trainings etc. to be provided by the RSPs/banks. The organized VOs/LSOs are to implement their village level plans by a) accessing donor funds (especially those available with PPAF) and b) linking them up with various government and private agencies. PRSP has been assigned the implementation of this project in Layyah and Muzaffargarh districts. Through a continuous process of on-going trainings for new CO members and refreshers for older CO members, along with provision of CMST to the managers of VOs and LSOs to facilitate them in managing their existing responsibilities, PRSP is helping to empower these organizations. The COs and VOs will be further facilitated to forge linkages with relevant government and non-government organizations and academia. Social mobilization experts from PRSP and other RSPs are to provide social guidance to the organized communities based on their experience of participatory development.

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