Harnessing the People’s Potential to Help Themselves                        
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PRSP believes in supporting people in harnessing their potential and in supplementing this potential. For this purpose, it helps in fostering a network of grassroot level organizations to enable rural communities to reflect, plan, implement and manage activities and programs for productive employment and optimising use of resources.PRSP, thus, provides assistance to the people in the following forms:  Organize multi-purpose and broad based Community Organizations (COs) and Credit Group (CG) to create a feeling of strength that comes from being together; to facilitate focus on needs; to create the ability to plan; pool resources; reduce overheads, achieve economies of scale, etc.  Help identify true and genuine activists within the community. PRSP believes that only through these individuals, the potential of the community can be harnessed. No outsider, no matter how sincerely motivated, can truly substitute a motivated member of the community itself in such a role. 
Identify and prioritize the endeavors people are willing to make in terms of opportunities and needs.

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