Harnessing the People’s Potential to Help Themselves
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While the effect of the Programme on poverty will take time to establish visible impacts, the following can be quoted as some of the milestones crossed from the last 20 years:
PRSP has introduced the practice of saving in rural communities of the Punjab. From June 1998 to November 2018 beneficiary communities have
Bank verified Savings total of Rs.131.672 million up to (June 2018) which is deposited into their bank accounts, and used for internal lending and emergent needs.1,117,611 men and women are the members of PRSP fostered 66,553 COs (November 2018), Rs. 19,985.413 million credit disbursed through 1,146,722 Loans (November 2018). The only security required from them is the social collateral.

The overall recovery rate of credit disbursed by PRSP is 99.85 % which is irrefutable evidence of credit-worthiness of the poor. It also reinforces the appropriateness of purposes for which credit is disbursed.
PRSP built the capacity of 570,685 (November 2018) COs and Village Organization (VO) members in respect of managerial and vocational skills trainings such as Community Management Skills Training (CMST), stitching, beautician, electrician, motor mechanic etc. PRSP completed 6,433 Community Physical Infrastructure Schemes (CPIs) with the total cost of Rs. 1,675.181 million (November 2018) funded by different donors such as PPAF.

20 million people were directly affected as a result of the devastating floods that ravaged parts of the country in 2010. PRSP initiated a number of projects in collaboration with different donors including; Government of Punjab, RSPN,USAID, DFID and FAO, to help alleviate the situation of the affected population. PRSP implemented a number of emergency relief projects which included the provision of health services, food distribution, provision of veterinary services, seed distribution.

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