Harnessing the People’s Potential to Help Themselves                        
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Punjab Rural Support Programme has implemented 46 projects and programmes worth around Rs. 47 billion in 33 districts of the Punjab province. These projects have come a long way in linking the poor to services and opportunities for improvement in their quality of life. During the past 24 years PRSP has achieved the following milestones while pursuing its goal of rural uplift of the most deprived areas:
  1. Under the micro-credit programme, PRSP has so far disbursed Rs. 26.5 billion as 1.3 million small loans for various income-generating activities. The objective is to enable the rural poor to enhance their economic activities and increase their household income. Loans are extended for agriculture, livestock and small enterprises. Around 49% of these loans have been extended to women entrepreneurs and livestock keepers.
  2. We have implemented 12 health projects with Rs. 15.7 billion which include management of 1147 public basic health facilities, projects focusing on family planning, mother and child health, health screening at primary schools and mobile health unit for far-flung areas. These projects played a very important role in making basic health accessible to lower-income households and people living in remote areas.
  3. A variety of projects themed on the provision of productive assets, agriculture development, food security, livestock and dairy development, barani area development and provision of interest-free loans promoted improved and sustainable livelihood through 10 projects and programmes worth Rs. 2.2 billion during the past 14 years.
  4. PRSP implemented 6,377 small Physical Infrastructure Schemes with Rs. 1.6 billion which included irrigation, watercourse improvement, sanitation, village electrification, farm-to-market roads, bio-gas plants, street pavements, bridges and culverts. The beneficiary community contributed up to 20% of the cost of these schemes.
  5. PRSP has a very strong footprint on the promotion of primary education through 6 education projects worth Rs. 1.47 billion encompassing areas like the provision of missing facilities in primary schools, managing and reactivating public primary schools, the establishment of community primary schools, formation and strengthening of school councils and upgradation of primary schools to middle level.
  6. Social Protection is another area where PRSP intervened through 6 projects costing 461.8 million to target special populations like bonded labourers, child labourers, ultra poor and food insecure. These projects engaged and empowered the most vulnerable segments of the rural and peri-urban societies in the most under-developed areas of the province.
  7. Rural uplift in Punjab will remain incomplete without addressing the issue of solid waste management and sanitation. PRSP has successfully implemented 5 projects of community-based solid waste disposal and sanitation promotion projects with a cost of 340.5 million. These projects sustainably improved the quality of life of around 300,000 families by promoting both the physical facilities and awareness through behaviour change communication.
  8. Whenever a disaster or a natural calamity hits a PRSP programme district, it steps up to join hands with other stakeholders to provide relief and rehabilitation services to the affectees. During the past decade, PRSP has implemented 7 projects in disaster-hit areas with Rs. 120 million. Through these projects, food, shelter, medical aid, safe drinking water and agricultural inputs were provided to the affected households.

The humble efforts to economically and socially empower the underprivileged, vulnerable and disadvantaged yet determined, courageous and hardworking people of the province will continue and PRSP will stand with the rural communities till opportunities and prosperity knock on all the doors.
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