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Provision of Reproductive Health Services through Social Marking (DFID/GSM/RSPN)

Duration: April 2013 to March 2015 (Phase-I)    
April 2015 to June 2016 (Phase-II)
Cost: Rs. 13,852,414 (Phase-I)
Rs. 15,042,563 (Phase-II)
Area-of-Implementation: District Jhang
Funded By: DFID/GSM/RSPN (Phase-I)

Objective (Phase-I)

  • Improved enabling environment for women, girls and men to avail healthy reproductive health choices.
  • Increased availability of quality reproductive health products/services with a focus on rural area.
  • Strengthened accountability for results at all levels with increased transparency and innovative approaches.

Objective (Phase-II)

  • Increase the number of women who use modern methods of family planning through demand generation activities.
  • Increase the number of new users who adopt any FP method by creating an enabling environment for married women of reproductive age and newlywed.
  • Strengthen relationship with government/public sector and inform district level government bodies about the efforts put by the reproductive health services through social marketing project.
  • Use innovative approaches to increase the availability of products and services in hard to reach areas.

Performance (Phase-I)



Phase –I ended 15-04-2015 performance overview as under;
  • 517 Community dialogues conducted against target of 200. 4,512 participants (2,197 women & 2,315 Men) attended.
  • 200 Community Recourse persons identified & trained as per target.
  • 100 Village Health Communities formed and also given orientation as per target.
  • 27,370 married Couple registered against target of 15,000.
  • SO’s monitored only 294 group meetings against target of 200.
  • 1,451 Health Camps conducted by LHVs
  • 9,347 couples used new method against the target of 7,400.
  • 22,145 contraceptive materials sold against the target of 102,632.
  • 19,133 Couple Years of Protection (CYP) achieved against the target of 17,139.

Performance (Phase-II)



Phase –II of the project was started on 16-04-2015 an overview is as under;
  • 312 Community dialogues conducted. 4,371 participants (2,154 women & 2,217 Men) attended.
  • 350 Community Recourse persons identified & trained as of August-2017.
  • 250 Village Health Committees formed and also given orientation as of August-2017.
  • 49,945 couples used new method as of August-2017.
  • 209,894 contraceptive materials sold as of August-2017.
  • 121,460 Couple Years of Protection (CYP) achieved as of August-2017.
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