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Chief Minister’s Initiative for Primary Health Care


  • Pilot Project was started on 05 May, 2003 in Rahim Yar Khan in collaboration with District Government Rahim Yar Khan.
  • The Project extended in 11 other Districts of the Punjab by July 2005.
  • In October-November 2011, two more Districts (Dera Ghazi Khan) and Rajanpur) were added. Now the programme is being implanted in 14 Districts of Punjab.
  • Initially the agreement was for five year for the 12 District. An extension was allowed for three years, which was further extended upto 30-06-2013.
  • Case for further extension for three year in respect of 12 Districts(Sr. no1 to 12) is pending with the health Department. A mutual agreed upon draft agreement(where in KPI have been set for the first time) is in vetting stage in Finance Department of Government of the Punjab.


      Sehat Nama February 2017
      Sehat Nama January 2017
      Sehat Nama December 2016
      Sehat Nama November 2016
      Sehat Nama October 2016
      Sehat Nama September 2016
      Sehat Nama August 2016
      Sehat Nama July 2016
      Sehat Nama June 2016
      Sehat Nama May 2016
      Sehat Nama April 2016
      Sehat Nama March 2016
      Sehat Nama February 2016
      Sehat Nama January 2016
      Sehat Nama December 2015
      Sehat Nama November 2015
      Sehat Nama October 2015
      Sehat Nama September 2015
      Sehat Nama August 2015
      Sehat Nama July 2015
      Sehat Nama June 2015
      Sehat Nama May 2015
      Sehat Nama April 2015
      Sehat Nama March 2015
      Sehat Nama February 2015
      Sehat Nama January 2015
      Sehat Nama for December 2014
      Sehat Nama November 2014
      Sehat Nama September 2014
      Sehat Nama August 2014
      Sehat Nama July 2014
      Sehat Nama June 2014
      Sehat Nama May 2014
      Sehat Nama April 2014
      Sehat Nama March 2014
      Sehat Nama February 2014
      Sehat Nama January 2014
      Sehat Nama January 2013 to December 2013
      Sehat Nama November 2013


o   Establishment Of Complaint Cell And Provision Of Toll Free Number(080011122)

o   Medicine Logistic Management Information System MLMIS is in operation from 1st July,2012


In Vehari an a Pilot in Tehsil Vehari KPOs have been posted and record is being computerized. By the end of December whole district will be brought under this programme. Pilot programme has also been launched in Lahore at 15 BHUs and in Districts Sahiwal, Kasur & Dera Ghazi Khan at 03, 02 & 04 BHUs respectively.


Monthly Sehat Nama covering all aspects of CMIPHC Performance is published regularly.

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