Harnessing the People’s Potential to Help Themselves                        
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The Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) was incorporated as a public limited company licensed under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 (Re-enacted by The Companies Act, 2017).
PRSP has implemented various programmes and projects in 33 districts of the Punjab province. Currently, PRSP covers its programme area through 29 branch offices, 14 district offices and three regional offices.
A prosperous rural Punjab where people can access opportunities to fulfil their individual and collective aspirations.
PRSP strives to link underprivileged individuals, households and communities to services and opportunities. This is done by identifying the opportunities available at the local level, with the govt. agencies and donors. In consultation with the important stakeholders including the beneficiaries, appropriate community and beneficiary engagement models are developed to make the identified opportunities accessible to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable. Community and beneficiary engagement makes the interventions transparent and the service delivery efficient and effective.

Name : Muhammad Rafiq
Designation : Company Secretary
Mobile: +92-333-4273029
Office: +92-42-35422651-4
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