Harnessing the People’s Potential to Help Themselves                        
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Emergency livelihood assistance to support flood affected vulnerable framers

Duration: Nov.2010- March.2011

Estimated cost: Rs. 26.73+ 402.70 Million

FAO also provided emergency relief to the population of 31 Union Councils in Muzaffargarh district in the form of agriculture inputs and livestock feed. This was carried out through the distribution of agricultural inputs and livestock feed to the target population. Agricultural input packages included 50 kg wheat seed, 50 kg of urea, 50 kg DAP (fertilizer), and 400 Grams sachets of assorted vegetables seeds. These were distributed to 48,660 vulnerable agriculture farmers. Livestock feed packages that included: 120 Kg of animal feed and 10 tablet pack of de-worming medicine were distributed to 11,135 vulnerable livestock farmers. In addition, a total number of 4,775 men and women farmers underwent training in improved agricultural techniques to help increase productivity.

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